Con: Bayshore Marine (Annapolis, MD)

From Steve Carn’s excellent website documenting our travails going north from Annapolis, MD to Mt. Sinai, NY…

Pat had paid Bay Shore Marine in Annapolis over $600 to check out the engine. All we could tell was that they replaced the Racor fuel filter and didn’t do that correctly. Oh, well, no harm, no foul as it was an easy correction and Pat has plenty of spare filters on board. [They also screwed up the Groco sea water strainer by jamming it into the bowl by failing to align the nipple on the bottom with the indent it fits into on the casing, breaking the stainless steel handle! To their credit, they welded it; to their discredit, their initial response was it must have been the wrong sized strainer – wait, it fit when they removed it! – and there was no apology.]

EXCEPT, they apparently didn’t do anything else! Going up the Chesapeake and coming down the Delaware, we had heating issues, which I resolved by removing the thermostat from the engine. I found it to be old and rusted; it came out in pieces. Obviously over looked during the service call.

Then, when the engine died, I asked Pat about the fuel pump and filter. Other than the Racor fuel filter, Volvos have a primary filter built onto the fuel pump, something simple every Volvo Penta mechanic should know. Pat pulled the filter and found it plugged with gunk – certainly not replaced in Annapolis. Bay Shore Marine gets the “Boat Bastards” award for this trip.


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