Pro: Dremel, Inc

God’s invention for boatwork, these mighty moes just keep on spinning – until they don’t. I’ve probably ruined three or four, easily, using them for everything short of hammering nails.

A few years ago I was on the verge of ruining yet another one. It was making all sorts of unhappy noises and sparking madly. Fifteen years on nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants finally paid off – I recognized there was a problem. Sounded like the graphite brushes were worn, but I couldn’t get the stubs out to save my life. I really wasn’t in the mood to buy yet another one so I took a flyer and called Dremel in Racine, WI. Customer Service dude asked me to send it in and they’d take a look at it. I mailed in Monday from Lawn Gisland, NY, hoping against hope they’d overlook all the paint, blood, tears and 5200 that had collected on it during its time with me. Four freaking days later – FOUR – I pulled a package out of my mailbox from Racine – a brand new Dremel! And to top that, it was a newer model, even though the one I sent was still on the market!!

As for their battery-powered tool, I love the 8220. Lots of power and good battery life. Wish Home Depot and Lowes carried spare batteries, but I don’t think I’ve really been inconvenienced.

I still send them a Christmas card…


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