Pro: Dickinson Marine

What can you say about a company that manages to make the skipper feel like ineptness isn’t really his fault… ten years later? I purchased Dickinson Marine’s Newport diesel heater in 2000 when I was in snow country, but moved to Florida soon after and didn’t quite get around to installing it. Returning Chillyville in the fall of 2010 moved the project to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

Despite clear instructions that were clearly written using little words and pictures, I still managed to mangle the brass flanged feed disconnect valve. An hour in the hardware store trying to find a flanged fitting was no help, so I broke down, took a deep breath, and dialed (800)IAM-STOOPID*. I explained my problem and Don Parry couldn’t have been nicer, sending me not just one, but two (!) replacement fittings – at no cost – despite the decade that’d passed since purchase. A few days after I installed the fitting (properly), he walked me through the feed problem I had because I once again not read the directions and had installed the pump too high.

Don may have retired by now, but I suspect the great service is just Dickinson’s way of doing business!

Dickinson Marine/ Sig Marine
Dickinson Manufacturing
407-204 Cayer St. Coquitlam, BC
V3K 5B1 Canada
*Tel: 604-525-6444 Ex. 307

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